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Robbie Corey-Boulet

Love Falls On Us

A Story of American Ideas and African LGBT Lives

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ISBN: 978-1-78699-519-3
Verlag: Zed Books
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336 Seiten, 1. Auflage, 2019


<p>In 2009 Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill became a top global news story. Two years later Hillary Clinton declared “Gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights,” but still today there is little consensus on how to advance those rights beyond the U.S. and Europe. The fact is that international LGBT activism and allies have created winners and losers. In Africa those who easily identify with the identities of the global movement find support, funding and care. Those whose sexualities don’t align so neatly don’t. </p><p>In this faithful and moving investigation, award winning journalist Robbie Corey-Boulet shows that LGBT liberation does not look the same in Africa as it does in the United States or Europe. At a time when there is a groundswell of interest in LGBT life in Africa and attempts at reversing LGBT rights across much of the ‘developed’ world Corey-Boulet lays bare past failures. To the extent that there exists a right way to engage on LGBT issues in Africa—and, indeed, worldwide—<i>Love Falls on Us</i> is for those looking to learn what it is.<br></p>

Kurztext / Annotation

<p>A moving investigation that exposes the impact of international intervention, both joyful and tragic, on the lives of African sexual minorities and their loved ones</p>


<div><div><ul><li>Introduction<br></li><li>Part 1: Cameroon<br><ul><li>1. Indomitable Lions</li><li>2. Do No Harm</li><li>3. More Fear Than Joy</li><li>4. Human Rights Feeds on Horror</li><li>5. Love Falls On Us</li></ul></li><li>Part 2: Côte d’Ivoire<br><ul><li>6. Here in the Realm of Art</li><li>7. L’Affaire pédophilie</li><li>8. A Life for Two</li><li>9. Winners and Losers</li><li>10. Brahima du jardin</li></ul></li><li>Part 3: Liberia<br><ul><li>11. Everybody Will Carry Their Own Burden</li><li>12. Anti-Liberian, Anti-God</li><li>13. Let That Awareness Be Created</li><li>14. Grown Woman</li><li>15. Finding Our Own Champions</li></ul></li></ul><br><br></div></div>

Biografische Anmerkung zu den Verfassern

<p>Robbie Corey-Boulet has worked for over a
decade as a journalist, primarily in West Africa and Southeast Asia. He
reported for several years for the West Africa bureau of the Associated Press,
and his writing has been published by outlets including The Atlantic, Guernica,
World Policy Journal and The Guardian. He has also worked in Liberia as a media
trainer for the NGO Journalists for Human Rights. He is currently the senior
editor of World Politics Review and is based in Brooklyn, New <i></i><br></p>

Beschreibung für Presse

<ul><li>Shows that LGBT+ liberation does not look the same in Africa as it does in the United States and Europe - in fact, forcing foreign models upon the continent holds the process of liberation back<br></li><li>Gives African perspectives on conversations dominated by voices from New York, Washington, Paris, Brussels, etc<br></li><li>Showcases the work LGBT+ Africans are undertaking to expand their rights<br></li><li>Offers a serious interrogation of outsiders’ efforts to help LGBT Africans, eschewing easy, feel-good narratives in favour of complicated realities</li></ul>