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Md. Maimul Ahsan Khan; Vijay Prasad Jayshwal; Md. Mamonor Rashid

Preemptive Military Intervention of Big Power:

Chaotic "New Order" Syndrome & Challenges of International Law

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ISBN: 978-613986645---8
Verlag: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Format: Flexibler Einband
296 Seiten; 220 mm x 150 mm, 2019


The struggle for establishing legitimate rights is essentially a part and parcel of the very humane essence of every society. The legal system may facilitate the struggle or may create obstacles in ways of peaceful materialization of rights.1 Of course, the main object of any existing system of justice is to maintain the safety and security of the people and thereby make them pursue to adopt and adept to the legitimate measures of their happiness. For doing so, the state has to recognize and protect certain rights by punishing the perpetrators.

Biografische Anmerkung zu den Verfassern

Khan, Md. Maimul Ahsan
Mr Maimul Ahsan Khan is a Professor of Law at University of Dhaka who has authored more than twenty books and numerous research articles in different languages. Mr Jayshwal is an Advocate who specializes on Criminal Law and Justice. Mr M Rashid is an Advocate and Legal Researcher at CM&A LCP who specializes on International Commercial Arbitration.