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Niklas Tripolt

8 Steps to Sales Success

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ISBN: 978-3-214-05825-8
Reihe: Sachbuch & Ratgeber
Verlag: MANZ Verlag Wien
Format: Fester Einband
160 Seiten, 2018
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“8 Steps to Sales Success” presents the essence of more than 20 years of national and international sales training sessions. The success factors come from observing, supporting and coaching more than 170,000 people attending these training sessions.
Sales professional Niklas Tripolt leads you through a logically structured process from the first step of “Attitude and Self-Understanding” to the eighth step of “After-Sales Service“.
This book, already in its sixth edition, is primarily aimed at people who seek to constantly develop themselves in their work, such as employed sales representatives, key account managers or independent sales agents. Secondly, however, this book will also be of interest to anyone involved in making sales to customers from time to time.
After all, it is about an order or no order, income or no income. And the best success expertise is just right for that!

Biografische Anmerkung zu den Verfassern

Niklas Tripolt was born in 1964; he now lives and works in Vienna. He began his sales career in retail in 1979. Then, in 1997, he finally turned his career into his vocation. He and his partners established the highly specialised sales training institute, VBC. Since then, VBC has trained more than 170,000 sales representatives and made them more successful. With branches in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, VBC is Europe’s leading sales training institution.

From Niklas Tripolt.