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Margareta Nelke; Charlotte Håkansson

Competitive Intelligence for Information Professionals

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ISBN: 978-0-08-100243-8
Verlag: Elsevier Reference Monographs
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152 Seiten, 2015

Kurztext / Annotation

Information professionals should be able to take a proactive role as a strategic partner in their organization's competitive intelligence. Their role needs to focus on the 'outside-in' approach, based on their organization's strategic needs and objectives. Competitive Intelligence for Information Professionals explores the role of strategic information and intelligence in organizations, and assesses the values and needs of intelligence in organizations. The book provides guidance on how to work strategically with competitive intelligence, methods for monitoring and analysis and a process-oriented approach. Chapters include discussions on how news monitoring and competitive intelligence interact and how this offers opportunities for cooperation between different departments. Cases from the authors' own experiences when working with competitive intelligence in international corporations are also included.

Competitive intelligence (CI) is a new area for Information professionals
Offers perspectives on a new trend within the library and information sector
Provides a comprehensive approach to CI

Margareta Nelke graduated from the Swedish School of Library and Information Science in 1982 and took a diploma in Marketing Management in 1990. After a short period at a public library and a university library she worked as an information specialist in corporations. In 1983 she took up the position of library manager at Alfa-Laval and in 1989 she got a similar position at Tetra Pak. At Tetra Pak the library was transformed into a Technology Intelligence function in 1999. In June 2002 she took up a position as the Global Technology Intelligence Process Owner at Tetra Pak. From 2004 and onwards she has been working as an independent consultant in her firm, I.C. at Once, offering investigations, coaching and training in competitive intelligence, information management and business development.

During the years she has contributed to several publications and written journal articles and books on knowledge management and competitive intelligence. She has also lectured at seminars and conferences, in some cases as the keynote speaker. In 2002 she was awarded by the Special Library Association the ESLY 2002 (European Special Librarian of the Year 2002). She is a member of the Swedish Association of Information Specialists and was the President of this association between 2006 and 2009. She was also a member of the board of the Swedish School of Library and Information Science between 2008 and 2014.

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