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Sienna Fillip

House Sitting

The new art of travel and living like a local

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ISBN: 978-3-7392-2535-7
Verlag: Books on Demand
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68 Seiten, 1. Auflage, 2016


There's no doubt about it — house sitting is a fabulous way to see the world and to travel rent free. If you are interested in learning more about house sitting, the way of watching peoples houses while they are away in exchange for free accommoadation, this is the book for you. Unlike home exchange you dont have to swap your own apartment or house - House sitting is a whole new way of travel to see more of the world for less. Be inspired by the stories of travelers and house sitters throughout this book and get ready to find your first house sitting job.

This book is packed with information on

- where and how to find housesits all over the world, in the most stunning locations?

- How can you create a killer profile that gets you house sitting jobs for sure?

- What can you except from house sitting, what are actually your responsiblities?

- what questions should you ask the home owners and what are the hundreds of things you need to think about before they leave you with the place?

- How can you prepare for emergencies and make sure everything is insured?

- How can you leave a house sit in the rare case you dont like it?

- How can you prepare a contract?

- How can you make the best of your stay and live truly like a local?

... an overview of all the house sitting platforms worldwide combined with an answer to all the main aspects on travel being a housesitter as well as checklists for the handover will have you perfectly prepared for a truly wonderful adventure waiting for you!