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Doug Doukat

The Jaybird That Jumped Down A Chimney

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ISBN: 978-1-73443-271-8
Reihe: The Adventures of Jimmy Jay
Verlag: Doug Putnam
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40 Seiten; ab 6 Jahre, 1. Auflage, 2020
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<p>Jimmy Jay is a happy young jaybird who likes to play football with his friends, ride his bike, and go swimming in the summer. The only problem is that Momma Jay has decided to take the family to a new home in the Sunny South and Jimmy has to leave his friends behind! On the long, boring bus ride, Jimmy makes friends with Buddy, a young butterfly who is trying to find his family. Jimmy and Buddy become best friends, but there&#39;s something about Buddy that comes as a surprise: he&#39;s a big showoff and likes to be the center of attention. One day Buddy shows off too much and gets into big trouble and the only way Jimmy can rescue him is to get into trouble himself. This story is big on themes of personal responsibility, friendship, and kindness. Perfect for newly confident readers. Color illustrations on every page.</p>