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Cecilia Hill

The Benevolence Within

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ISBN: 978-1-5245-5262-6
Verlag: Xlibris US
Format: E-Book Text (EPUB (mit DRM) sofort downloaden
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110 Seiten, 2016


This book will enlighten your perspective into a life of joy and misfortune, obtaining a look-see of rejuvenating possibilities.

It will awaken the spiritual being within each person seeking solace and find the profound love and guidance of Almighty God. It will enliven and help stir the desire to search for peace and love, which overrides all evil in the world.

You will find relief from the unwarranted dismay of, at times, ordinary days.

Let it all hang out, wash your life clean, reveal your story, and rid your spirit of the heaviness of holding onto invaluable burdens. In the name of Father God, Jesus Christ the Son, and the comfort of the Holy Spirit, amen.