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Pengfei Ni; Linhua Zou; Guangchun Gao; Xuemei Jiang

Housing Reform and China’s Real Estate Industry

Review and Forecast

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ISBN: 978-981-130-964-9
Reihe: Research Series on the Chinese Dream and China’s Development Path
Verlag: Springer Singapore, Social Sciences Academic Press
Format: Fester Einband
XIII, 159 Seiten; 23.5 cm x 15.5 cm, 1st ed. 2020, 2020
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This book provides an in-depth analysis of China’s housing system and real-estate industry .The author weaves together the different elements of the real estate industry into a logically coherent whole, in which the relationship between the real-estate industry and the macroeconomy sets the background, the housing market forms the core, real estate finance makes up a necessary condition, public policy provides the guarantee and the housing system the foundation.
The book constructs an analytical framework for the development of China’s housing system that considers a comprehensive range of factors, highlights the most important issues, and is soundly structured, logical and clear. By applying this framework, the authors present an overview of the past, present and future of China’s housing industry.


Chapter I The Real Estate Industry in National Economy in: History, Positioning and Trends1. Historical Review2. Does Chinese residential investment lead economic growth?3. Does Chinese real estate industry have high correlation and strong power?4. Policy forecastChapter II   China’s Real Estate Industry: Review and Forecast 1. Historical Review of China’s Housing Market<2. Problems and Challenges:  Weakened Driving Forces and Strong Structural Surplus3. TrendsChapter III China’s Real Estate Finance – ‘Gold Master’: Evolution and Forecast 1. The Financial Institutions of China’s Real Estate 2. The Financial Marketing of China’s Real Estate3. The Policy of The Financial Marketing of China’s Real Estate Chapter IV The Social Security of China’s Housing: Review and Forecast1. Historical Reviews of the Social Security System on China’s Housing 2. Problems and Challenges 3. TrendsChapter V: China’s Urban and Rural Housing System: Review and Forecast1. History2. Problems 3. Current Situation and Trends4. Reforms and ForecastsChapter VI China’s Urban-Rural Land System: Review and Forecast1.  History2. Characteristics of the Land System since the Reform and Opening-up3. Problems of the Land System since the Reform and Opening-up4. Deepening the Reform of China's Urban and Rural Land System and ForecastChapter VII The Reform of Land-Tax System and the Regulation of the Land Market 1. Development of Land Management System 2. Functions and Development of Land-Tax System 3. The problems of Land-Tax System in China and its Risks4. Problems and Challenges in China’s Land Management System 5. Reform Forecast for China’s Land Management System

Biografische Anmerkung zu den Verfassern

Prof. Pengfei Ni, a member of UrbaChina, is director of the Urban and Real Estate Economy Research Unit at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Finance and Trade Economics. He is chief editor of the Annual Report on China’s Urban Competitiveness, the Annual Report on Development of Housing Market in China and others. His main research fields are the theory and practice of urban economics, real-estate economics, spatial financial studies, and urban competitiveness. He has published over 10 papers in the Journal of International Affairs, Urban Study, China’s Social Sciences and Economic Studies. He received the highest Chinese economics award - The Sun Yefang economics Book Award – for the Annual Report on China’s Urban Competitiveness. His research is significant for China’s development and that of its cities and is a valuable resource for policy makers.