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Henrie M. Treadwell; Clare Xanthos; Kisha B. Holden

Social Determinants of Health Among African-American Men

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ISBN: 978-1-118-23518-8
Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
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368 Seiten, 2. Auflage, 2012


This groundbreaking book applies the concept of social determinantsof health to the health of African- American men. While therehave been significant efforts in recent years to eliminate healthdisparities, serious disparities continue to exist especially withregard to African-American men who continue to sufferdisproportionately from poor health when compared to other racial,ethnic, and gender groups in the United States. Thisbook covers the most important issues relating to socialdeterminants of health and also offers viable strategies forreducing health disparities.


Figures and Tables v

Foreword vii
Robert M Franklin

Preface ix

Acknowledgments xiii

The Editors xv

The Contributors xvii

1 Introduction to Social Determinants of Health amongAfrican-American Men 1
Clare Xanthos, Henrie M Treadwell, and Kisha B Holden

Part One Social Determinants of Health Status 19

2 Implications of Racism for African-American Men's CancerRisk, Morbidity, and Mortality 21
Derek M Griffith and Jonetta L Johnson

3 Social Determinants of Depression and the Black MaleExperience 39
Daphne C Watkins and Harold W Neighbors

4 Psychosocial Health of Black Sexually Marginalized Men 63
Louis F Graham

5 Parental Incarceration as a Social Determinant of MaleAfrican-American Adolescents' Mental Health 83
Susan D Phillips and Qiana R Cryer-Coupet

6 The Impact of Reentry from Incarceration on the Health ofAfrican-American Men 97
Jean J Bonhomme and Elisabeth Kingsbury

7 Life-Course Socioeconomic Position and Hypertension inAfrican-American Men: The Pitt County Study 115
Sherman A James, John Van Hoewyk, Robert F Belli, David SStrogatz, David R Williams, and Trevillore E Raghunathan

Part Two Social Determinants of Health Behavior 133

8 Social Determinants of Medical Mistrust among African-AmericanMen 135
Wizdom Powell Hammond and Arjumand A Siddiqi

9 Beyond Gay, Bisexual, or DL: Structural Determinants of HIVSexual Risk among Black Men in the United States 161
David J Malebranche and Lisa Bowleg

10 Social Determinants of Substance Abuse among OlderAfrican-American Men 183
Robert Pope

Part Three Social Determinants of Health Care 205

11 Prejudiced Providers: Unequal Treatment as a Determinant ofAfrican-American Men's Health 207
Clare Xanthos

12 The Impact of the Correctional Health Care System on HIV/AIDSand the Health of African-American Men 225
Rhonda Conerly Holliday

Part Four Addressing Social Determinants of Health Inequities245

13 Building Communities of Opportunity: Pathways to Health forAfrican-American Men 247
Angela Glover Blackwell

14 One City's Attempt at Treating the Effects of SocialInequities in African-American Men: Lessons Learned 265
Elizabeth M Whitley and Jodi Drisko

15 The Impact of Invisibility: The Way Forward 283
Henrie M Treadwell

16 Criminal Justice and Other Public Policies as Determinants ofHealth and Well-Being for African-American Men 301
Leda M Perez

17 Social Determinants of Health and Black Men: The Culture ofEmpowerment and the Policy Process 319
Adewale Troutman and Nandi Marshall

Afterword 335
David Satcher

Index 339

Biografische Anmerkung zu den Verfassern

Henrie Treadwell, PhD, is Senior Social Scientist and Associate Director of Development in the National Center for Primary Care at Morehouse School of Medicine. Previouslyy, Dr. Treadwell was program director at the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Dr. Treadwell is a member of the editorial board for the American Journal of Public Health and the International Journal of Men's Health and Gender.

Clare M. Xanthos, PhD, is a Senior Researcher at Community Voices of Morehouse School of Medicine. She has lived and worked in several countries including the USA, Barbados, the U.K., and Nigeria. Before joining Community Voices, she was an independent consultant in the U.K., and??prior to this, Dr. Xanthos was a Research Fellow for the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies, University of the West Indies.

Kisha B. Holden, PhD, is associate director for Community Voices and assistant professor of clinical psychiatry and mental health policy analyst at the National Center for Primary Care at Morehouse School of Medicine. Dr. Braithwaite is co-owner of Evaluation Research Associates, Inc.