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Manohar Lal Sehgal

Gandhian View Versus Iqbalian Thought

A Basis of Divergent Socio-political Thought of The Two Ideologues

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ISBN: 978-620045736---3
Verlag: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Format: Flexibler Einband
212 Seiten; 220 mm x 150 mm, 2020


Iqbal dreamed of a separate Islamic State out of 'British India'. His wish was granted. The 'Iqbalian Thought' triumphed. Gandhi longed for an 'Independent United India' but got the 'Partitioned India'. Yet Gandhi has no parallel in world history as it was impossible for anyone to act like him. And he became 'The Mahatma'.

Biografische Anmerkung zu den Verfassern

Sehgal, Manohar Lal
Manohar Lal Sehgal (PhD.) has published 15 research papers in the subjects of History, Pol. Science and Economics.