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The Unconstitutionality of Unlimited Federal Provincial Transfer Payments

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ISBN: 978-1-988360-41-6
Verlag: Kinetics Design
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96 Seiten, 1. Auflage, 2020


<p>In this book, <strong>Burton Kellock</strong> explains how Canadian law teachers, their students, politicians and the general public have been induced to believe that the Canadian Constitution authorizes the Parliament of Canada to impose federal taxes for the purpose of donating the proceeds of those taxes to the governments of the provinces in defiance of the Constitution. The truth is that the Fathers of Confederation decided that this should not and could not be done under the Constitution they drafted and became the British statute originally known as the British North America Act 1867 and remains Canada&rsquo;s Constitution to this day.</p><p>_____________________________________</p><p>There is scarcely anything more necessary or bracing in a free society than an open challenge to prevailing orthodoxy. In this book, Mr. Kellock has issued a big challenge to the constitutional orthodoxy of what looks very much like a legal plunder by which Canada&rsquo;s federal government has been soaking taxpayers to underwrite its own schemes of national control over the provinces. Readers who treat themselves to the feast of detailed legal argument presented here will wait in some excitement for a response from what is sure to be a confused orthodoxy.</p><p>--<strong> William D. Gairdner</strong>, PhD, Author of <em>The Trouble With Canada ...Still!</em>, and of&nbsp;<em>The Great Divide: Why Liberals and Conservatives Will Never, Ever Agree</em>.</p>


<p>Introduction</p><p>1. &nbsp;How &ldquo;Constitutionality&rdquo; is Determined</p><p>2. &nbsp;The History of the BNA Act, Its Important Provisions and Their Judicial Interpretation</p><p>3.&nbsp; The History of Federal/Provincial Transfer Payments</p><p>4. &nbsp;The Proponent&rsquo;s Propositions</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; - Part I The Proponents&rsquo; Arguments</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; - Part 2 The C.L.O.C.&rsquo;s Arguments</p><p>5.&nbsp; Conclusions</p>



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